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The Talmud Israeli Team

Talmud Israeli: Strengthening Jewish Identity One Daf at a Time


Meir Jakobsohn

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Meir Jakobsohn, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Talmud Israeli, began developing the program more than a decade ago. Jakobsohn's initial goal was to transform the often complicated study of Talmud to something attractive to children as a way to promote parent-child learning. He envisioned strengthening Jewish identity by learning the important lessons of our sages and deepening connections with Israel by using Talmud Israeli.


Jakobsohn is also the founder and CEO of Medison, Israel’s leading pharmaceutical partner. Just as Medison innovatively advances health and wellness, Jakobsohn aims to advance Torah learning and Ahavat Ha'Aretz, a love of Israel, throughout the world. 


Talmud Israeli has become Medison’s flagship charitable project. Through Medison’s generous support, Talmud Israeli continues to flourish.


Gal Naor

Chairman, Daf Yomi For Us

When his growing tech company brought his family to New York, Gal Naor, Chairman of Daf Yomi for Us, used the opportunity to expand Talmud Israeli learning to English-speakers worldwide. Naor parlayed his expertise in the worlds of business and the tech industry to the study of Talmud and modern Israel for learners across North America, Asia, Australia and even recent olim in Israel.


Naor's dedication to learning and his love of Talmud, combined with his experience in non-profits, is strengthening Jewish identity around the world.


Rabbi Avi Rath

Educational Director & Editor

Rabbi Avi Rath, a renowned educator and author from Israel, is the Educational Director and Editor of Talmud Israeli. A professor of communications, Judaism, history and education, Rabbi Rath has lectured around the world.


In 2012, Rabbi Rath joined Talmud Israeli and began creating material for the program. He edited Talmud Israeli’s Hebrew seven-volume series, which encompasses the entire Babylonian Talmud.


Rabbi Rath’s extraordinary expertise in education, communications, and Jewish history has enabled Talmud Israeli’s success around the world.


Haim Freilicman

Chairman of the Board

Haim Freilicman, CPA, Chairman-of-the-Board, joined Talmud Israeli from the world of banking. Until his retirement in 2014, Freilicman served as CEO of Union and Tefahot Banks in Israel.


His dedication to community and youth has been a priority in his life and joining Talmud Israeli gave Mr. Freilicman the opportunity to bring his love of education to a new generation of learners.

YaelSchulmanPic .jpg

Yael Schulman

Director, Daf Yomi For Us

Yael Schulman, Director of Daf Yomi for Us, uses her decades long experience in education and Israel advocacy to strengthen Jewish identity and Jewish literacy in America. 

A yeshiva graduate with experience in community affairs and lay leadership in the Jewish world, Schulman develops and customizes Talmud Israeli material for English-speaking learners of all ages and backgrounds.

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