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About Talmud Israeli

Strengthening Jewish Identity One Daf at a Time



There is no better source of Jewish wisdom, halakha, aggadah, thought and midrash than the thousand-year-old Talmud. Studying Talmud brings us closer to our roots, closer to the past, unites us with Jewish people around the world, and most importantly, enables us to meaningfully connect with our children. Talmud Israeli bridges age groups and invites learners of all ages to participate in the worldwide Daf Yomi learning experience, while also focusing on modern Israel and Jewish history.

The program originated in Israel over a decade ago with the simple idea to strengthen Jewish identity by bringing the wisdom of our sages to learners around the world. 

In Israel


Talmud Israeli is used in more than 200 schools and 100 communities across Israel. The weekly publication in Hebrew includes the daf for each day of the week, and Israeli and Zionist ideas and values ​​– important characters, events and places that are components of the Israeli curriculum. It serves as enrichment for Jewish studies and as a means to connect to the Jewish community in Israel, and outside of the country.

While schools in Israel focus on modern Jewish history and Zionism, Talmud Israeli offers an integrated curriculum that serves as a point of introduction for more complex ideas. Talmud Israeli offers Israeli families an easy way to learn together in order to enhance intergenerational discussion and communication.

In North America 


Talmud Israeli – Daf Yomi for US is currently used in over 150 schools and synagogues in North America.Talmud Israeli is effectively integrated into school

curriculums via short daily learning sessions before/after minyan; engaging lunch & learn sessions; and lessons that teach the dapim for the entire week.


Fun-filled Talmud Israeli YouTube videos can be used to enhance Hebrew language skills while learning Talmud sugiyot. Synagogues feature Talmud Israeli in many forums including: family learning on a weekly basis, as part of religious school curricula, and in adult learning sessions, affording adults opportunities to learn Daf Yomi.

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