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Learning Opportunities for Families

Talmud Israeli: Strengthening Jewish Identity One Daf at a Time


Weekly Publication

Available in English & Hebrew

Talmud Israeli's weekly publication offers families the opportunity to conduct intergenerational learning in a simple and meaningful way. The publication offers seven sections from the Gemara, one for each day of the week, two columns about Israel and modern Jewish history, a Dvar Torah and a bonus quiz. Talmud Israeli gives grandparents and grandchildren, parents and children, and older siblings and younger siblings a way to connect to Jewish tradition, strengthen Jewish knowledge, and learn more about our history. We are delighted to offer both the English and Hebrew digital versions free-of-charge for your enjoyment. 

Masechet Books

Available in English

Talmud Israeli offers families the opportunity to learn individual masechtot in an engaging and clear manner. Each book offers a selection from each daf, teaching one important concept concisely. Talmud Israeli's individual masechetot books enable learners to enjoy the breadth of the Gemara while continuing regular in depth study as well. An entire masechet can be completed in weeks or in a couple of monthsBar and Bat Mitzvah children can learn a masechet, in honor of their upcoming simcha. 


Video Clips

Available in English with Hebrew Subtitles

Talmud Israeli produced 60 unique video clips that highlight important Talmudic concepts in a fun an engaging manner. The clips are each about 5 minutes long and can be expanded upon with a classroom discussion. Hebrew language skills are also improved by watching these clips, while reading the English subtitles. 

These videos can be viewed during family learning and a broader discussion can ensue. 

Sugiyot Book

Available in English & Hebrew

Talmud Israeli's Sugiyot Book presents a collection over 50 Talmudic teachings on a broad range of important Jewish value concepts. Each of the selected Jewish values is represented by an excerpt from a sugiya (Talmudic discussion); a brief related story; and a QR code to a companion video — along with a supplementary resource on either a famous Israeli personality, and event in Israeli history, or a historically significant place in Israel.



• Hashavat Aveida/Returning lost items (Bava Metzia 24)

• Tza’ar Baalei Chayim/Cruelty to Animals (Sanhedrin 65)

• Pikuach Nefesh/Saving a Life (Yoma 84)

• Gam Zu L’Tova/This Too Is for The Best (Ta’anit 21)

• HaKoneh MiGanav/Buying from a Thief (Bava Batra 30)

• Achrayut Al Shmirat Chefetz/Responsibility For Guarding an Item (Bava Kamma 47)


 and many, many more ...

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