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Talmud Israeli-Daf Yomi for US Learning Opportunities

Daf Yomi highlights in easy-to-understand language suited for both children and adults.

Appealing design, with graphics and photos, showcasing key concepts of the week.

Finally! A convenient way to enhance the habit of learning Daf Yomi on a regular basis.

YouTube videos feature a broad selection from different sugiyot.

Offerings of modern Jewish history/Israel insights, alongside Daf Yomi highlights.

Mail-in contests, with a chance to win an iPad!

Introduces important concepts and ideas in Jewish literacy.


Family-oriented learning, includes D’var Torah to discuss at the Shabbat Table.

Outside-the-box approach for learning Talmud.

Remarkably enjoyable and exciting.


Unifies Jews around the world by learning Daf Yomi together.

Strengthens ties to the past, while providing knowledge for the future.

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Weekly Publication

Talmud Israeli-Daf Yomi for US’s weekly publication contains seven Daf Yomi passages for that week (according to the world-wide Daf Yomi cycle), as well as articles about Jewish and Israeli history, Israeli geography, Israeli innovation and a D’var Torah designed to provide extra content for family discussions at the Shabbat table.


The colorful Talmud Israeli-Daf Yomi for US publication is intended for learners of all ages and is available in English and in Hebrew.

Short Video Clips
Talmud Israeli Books

Talmud Israeli produced 60 short video clips covering different Talmudic sugiyot (concepts). These engaging clips make learning Talmud fun, entertaining and educational.

The video clips are in modern Hebrew with English subtitles and are also a tool to strengthen Hebrew language skills.


The clips are available on YouTube’s Talmud Israeli channel.

Learn an entire Masechet

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