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Talmud Israeli

Strengthening Jewish Identity 

One Daf at a Time 


Strengthening Jewish Identity One Daf at a Time

Talmud Israeli is an innovative educational program that combines the study of Talmud with Torah, modern Jewish history and Israel. Our goal is to support Jewish learning and strengthen Jewish identity. 


Talmud Israeli makes complicated Talmudic material accessible, understandable and enjoyable for learners of all ages by explaining one concept from each daf of the Gemara. The program began ten years ago in Israel and quickly earned the support of the Israeli Ministry of Education, which has made Talmud Israeli part of the curricula in hundreds of schools across Israel. 


Over the past few years, Talmud Israeli - Daf Yomi For Us, the English branch of Talmud Israeli, has developed and customized material for English-speaking learners around the world.

We believe that by learning the wisdom of our sages, combined with modern Jewish history, learners will deepen their relationship with Judaism, Israel and the Jewish people.


Why Study Talmud?

העוסק בתלמוד"

"אין לך מידה גדולה מזו

Tractate Soferim 15:5

A Jew cannot truly comprehend our religious heritage without delving into the breadth and depth of the Babylonian Talmud, the greatest repository of our people's spiritual legacy.


Join Talmud Israeli 

Daf Yomi highlights in easy-to-understand language suited for both children and adults.

Appealing design, with graphics and photos, showcasing key concepts of the week.

Talmud Israeli offers a convenient way to strengthen Daf Yomi learning for students of all ages.

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